Top Indian Spices Used in Savories

 Top Indian Spices Used in Savories

Top Indian Spices Used in Savories

Indian diet comprises various culinary conventions and traditions. In subcontinent, Indian foods are known for their taste and mouth-watering recipes. Spices play major role in bring a unique taste in every meal. Indians are expert in utilizing the several kinds of spices and herbs in their food. Spices add taste to the food and it is considered as Indian food speciality. Traditional spices play major role in Indian desi dishes. Considering these traditions, the best usage of spices for cooking is known throughout the India. While exploring Indian herbs and spices in online Indian grocery store, you will find a variety of things. Today, India is known for its topmost spices. Before cooking Indian meals, you must be acknowledged about these spices.

Turmeric (Haldi)

Turmeric is also known as Indian golden spice that grows in Central America and Asian regions. It is a mystifying herb. Not only it bestows you with healthy and immunity benefits, but also adds flavours and colours to your foods. From centuries, it is used as a skincare ingredient. It is a beneficial herb. Some of its major benefits are mentioned here:

Anti-inflammatory characteristics

Turmeric is used to reduce inflammation. Its anti-inflammatory properties increases its rank to the too most used spice in India and other countries. It is helpful for people with arthritis to reduce inflammation.

Pain remedy

In ancient times, people used turmeric as a remedy for pain. In case of accidents, people were given turmeric milk to reduce pain and heal the injuries.  People who face pain in joints can use it as a pain reliever.

Antioxidant properties

People are well aware of the significance of antioxidants. Turmeric is a spice full of antioxidants.

Adds taste to meals

Turmeric is used in several Indian dishes to add flavour and essence of turmeric in several dishes. The aroma of turmeric makes food yummy.

Ginger ( Adrak)

Ginger is a herb used for its several benefits. While preparing chicken curry, Indian women use the ginger paste to remove the smell of meat and the addition of garlic aroma. It is considered a protection herb throughout the world. It has several other benefits including:

Improves immunity

Taking ginger tea daily helps to boost immunity.

Improves curry taste

While preparing chicken dishes it is used. It removed the raw smell of chicken. Moreover, it adds flavour to your curry as well. Without garlic, chicken curry can’t be prepared.

Helps weight loss

Nowadays, ginger is used to reduce weight. It helps to lose calories by increasing metabolism.

Prevents nausea

Ginger contains gingerol which helps to prevent several diseases and symptoms including nausea and morning sickness. It also helps to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. 


Cassia bark is an ingredient used in several Indian dishes. It is majorly used curry and rice dishes. It is easily available in most Indian grocery stores. Indian people not only use it for the taste but also its unique advantages.

Antiviral and antibacterial properties

Cinnamon is used treating cold caused by viral infections. It is ranked in top spice list because of its antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Reduce blood pressure

People who face blood pressure should add cinnamon in their daily routine. It helps to reduce blood pressure.

Helps digestions

Adding cinnamon into your diet will help you improve digestive issues

Weight loss journey

Cinnamon is used in weight loss tea. It helps to lose pounds and become slim.


Cardamom has a sweet and minty taste. It is especially used in deserts for the mouth-watering aroma. Cardamom tea is taken throughout the world because of its unique taste. Moreover, there are several boons of eating cardamom. It includes:

· Helps indigestion

If you ear cardamom after eating an indigestible food, it will help your stomach digest it properly. People use cardamom in savouries for its best digestive properties.

· Cancer-fighting characteristics

Besides adding a taste to deserts, it is known for its cancer-fighting properties. Everyone should consume cardamom to reduce the cancer chances in the future.

· Teeth protection

Chewing cardamom can reduce cavity problems and bad breath issue.

Carom (Ajwain)

Carom is extremely strong, and has been utilized in lots of Indian dishes. Each carom seed has a immense range of thymol in it, and this provides it a flavour a bit like thyme. Yet, lots of times stronger. Utilizing carom (Ajwain) in breads is basic across India.

When utilized in Indian dishes, it is regularly used in balance, fried first disclosing a smoky flavour, and balances well along with mustard seeds, cumin seeds, and various other flavours like cardamom, mustard, or cumin.

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