Indian Comfort Food Yellow Dal Recipes

Indian Comfort Food Yellow Dal Recipes

Indian Comfort Food Yellow Dal Recipes

Indian kitchens are considered a treasure land of healthy and delicious foods. Indian dishes deserve to get more recognition than they usually get. It is because of the herbs and ingredients used to make special dishes.

Let us consider yellow dal. Among all the tasty meals in India, yellow dal is the most popular and common. Indian families either from a higher rank or lower rank have yellow dal in their menu card. It is a staple used in almost all countries of Asia. You will see it in every house and every kind of people use dal. 

Indian Cultural food

India has been blessed with a beautiful and distinct culture. Its food, values, customs and other cultural values are of great importance. While discussing food, there is a long list of traditionally prepared foods. These foods are considered as the most flavourful among Asian countries. So, Indian country is adorned with variation in almost every trait, food being the most noticeable one. Yellow dal is prepared by several recipes in India! People usually use yellow dal daily due to its taste and nutritional value.

Benefits of Yellow Dal

Comfort food yellow dal has several benefits. Yellow dal recipes are common and prepared in every household. Skilful cooks of India now how to cook the yellow deal in best ways. Indians loved for comfort food-Dal is unexplainable. Let’s not ignore how healthy dal is. It is full of nutrition and taste. Small beans of dal are stacked with proteins and are rich sources of iron. It is full of fibres making a beneficial meal for the people who lack fibres in their body. People suffering from cholesterol and high blood pressure must utilize yellow dal to decrease disease probability. Moreover, yellow dal is good for heart patients as well. Children and youngsters are advised to utilize beans and yellow dal as an energy booster food. This essential characteristic of yellow dal makes it the most favourite among people. Indian people enjoy eating nutritional and healthy yellow dal. Many people utilise dal with rice and tortilla due to their easy digestible qualities. Moreover, yellow dal is affordable. Following are the two best deal recipes prepared in Indian restaurants daily. Moreover, people prepare these two recipes at home as well. In fact, yellow daal curry is utilised daily in Indian households.

Recipes of yellow dal

From regular Dal to Dal Yellow are numerous recipes that you can prepare to make every meal unique and delightful. Here are some interesting ways you can use dal.

Dal Makhani

One of the most demanded dal recipes includes Dal Makhani. It is specially prepared with cream and butter Tarka. Dal Makhani is one of India’s most loved dal among all the recipes.

This dal recipe has lentils cooked with butter Tarka and cream is added to enhance the taste of yellow dal. It is steamed on low heat that brings the mouth-watering taste in this recipe.

Later on, the special Tarka prepared with cooking oil and spices is added to enrich the taste.

This dal is served with garlic and jeera naan in the Indian region.

Yellow dal tadka

It is the most common dal prepared daily. It is utilized with rice mostly. Dal Tadka is an outstanding lentil dish. It is prepared with toor dal (husked & split pigeon pea lentils). You can also use masoor dal (red lentils). Basically, yellow dal is prepared with oil fried with several herbs including onion and garlic. Later on, cooked lentils are tempered with the previously prepared mixture. This Dal Tadka recipe provides you a tasty creamy dal with smoked aromas of spices.

It is served with tortilla and naan. It is Indian tradition to sprinkle this daal on rice. 

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