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Rajma – Favorite Indian Bean

Rajma – Favorite Indian Bean

Officially known as kidney beans due to the shape, rajma is loved by many; especially Indians. So, if you ever want rajma, head on to an Indian grocery online store. Surprisingly, its origin is in Peru, South America. Kidney bean is one of the important sources of protein. It is also known for its high content of iron, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Let’s talk about kidney beans in detail today.


Health Benefits of Kidney Beans


Kidney beans are plant-derived and free from cholesterol. They also have a low-fat content and saturated fats. This makes kidney beans beneficial for the arteries as there is no clogging. You cannot be sure about the same with food rich in saturated fat. Here are some of the health benefits of kidney beans –


1.High protein level: Rajma has a high content of protein as its macronutrient. Thanks to this high protein level, most of the low-income families prefer rajma over other costly and nutritious dishes. In comparison to cereals, rajma has a higher protein content. This also reduces the probability of malnutrition.

2.Prevent Non-Communicable Diseases: Since red kidney beans include a range of phytochemicals, it helps in fighting numerous diseases. The chance of problems like cancer, obesity, coronary heart disease, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases reduces significantly.

3.Natural Diuretic: Usually, a diuretic is a water pill consumed to treat the problem of high blood pressure. Red kidney beans are rich in potassium and sodium, thus acting as natural diuretics.

4.Rich in Amino Acids: Amino acid is essential as it helps the body grow and function properly. Since red kidney beans are rich in amino acids like lysine, arginine, and glutamic acid. This is especially important for proper teenage growth.


Include Red Kidney Beans in Your Diet


An amazing fact about rajma is that it is not only nutritious but extremely delicious as well. No matter what kind of dish you are about to prepare, if you have these kidney beans by your side, there is no need to worry about your health or fullness.

Let’s discuss some of the delicious rajma recipes that can be a part of your everyday diet –

  • Rajma Rice: If there is one thing to learn about rajma, it is that rajma tastes delicious when combined with rice. Start by preparing rajma masala. Combine boiled rajma with herbs, spices, and fresh vegetables. The creamy and wholesome flavor of this dish will make you want to eat the same thing all day long.
  • Breakfast Side: Add some chili flakes, garlic, and cumin powder to boiled beans and you are good to go! If you are too fond of sandwiches, simply blend this dish and create a rajma dip.
  • Ground Meat Substitute: Looking for healthy meals? Cannot let go of those delicious meaty tacos? Time to indulge in rajma! It works as a great filling substitute for ground meat.
  • Red Kidney Beans Salad: Sounds healthy, doesn’t it? These beans are one of the healthiest ways to gain and retain energy. You can eat this dish at any time of the day. Filled with carbohydrates and proteins, red kidney beans taste simply delicious. If you want to make it healthier and tastier, add a few greens, white beans, and black beans to the dish.

Storage Option

You can store dried beans for a long time. To make sure that they are always fresh, store them in a food-safe container with a tight-fit lid. It is advised to keep the beans in a cool and dry place without direct sunlight. In case you are storing red kidney beans for more than a year, add a little bit of baking soda to it. Try to use the beans within a year of purchase. The longer they sit on the shelf, the longer they take to cook.

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