Ragi – A Healthy Flour for Families

Ragi – A Healthy Flour for Families

When it comes to healthy choices, we often get confused as to which food items should be consumed. Millets are one of the integral parts of Indians but a lot of people are trying to make a healthy shift in it. Because of the changing choices, a lot of people have started switching to ragi. If you are one of them, head on to Goodie Grocer; a free home delivery grocery store for all your needs.


Ragi and its Flour


Ragi, also known as finger millet is a small grain that looks similar to the red mustard seeds. It is nutritious and rich in protein, iron, fiber, and calcium. Ragi also contains methionine (amino acid), which is usually a deficit in people who eat highly-processed or starchy food items. If you are allergic to gluten, this flour is the best choice for you as it suits people with gastrointestinal problems. Ragi is also rich in plant-based protein which makes it the right choice for vegans. Since ragi is small in size, it does not require any polishing and minimal processing.


Ragi Health Benefits


1. Aids in Weight Loss

Ragi flour is an ideal choice for people who are trying to lose weight. It also helps in maintaining an ideal weight. The high content of protein and fiber in ragi helps keep you full for a long time. A lot of people include ragi malt in their diet. The benefit to drink it daily is an improvement in exercise.


2. Fights Anemia


Ragi includes a high amount of iron and nutritionally dense. This makes it an excellent choice for those that have a low level of hemoglobin or anemia. Ragi also contains thiamine which is suitable for the growth of red blood cells. If ragi is incorporated in the diet of lactating or pregnant women, it can help protect women from anemia, gestational diabetes along with healthy milk production.


3. Strengthen Bone Structure


If you drink ragi malt on a daily basis, it can strengthen the bones. Ragi malt is filled with phosphorus and calcium for the strong and healthy development of bones and teeth.


4. Promote Blood-Glucose Management


People who are looking for a healthy alternative to wheat and rice always go for ragi. It helps in the regulation of blood glucose levels and the management of type 1 and types 2 diabetes. Ragi contains polyphenols and dietary fibers that can slow down the metabolism rate as well as a spike in blood sugar level. Its low level of glycemic load and glycemic index make ragi diabetes-friendly.


Healthy Ragi Dishes


Ragi is not only a healthy solution for people but also the base for some delicious dishes. Let’s find out what all you can cook with it –


Ragi Malt


Also known as ragi porridge, this is one of the healthiest breakfast drinks that you can prepare with ragi. Simply combine ragi with jaggery and milk (or water) to create a smooth drink. You can make it in less than 15 minutes.


Ragi Dosa


This finger millet dosa is made with a combination of idli rice, ragi flour, and urad dal. These ingredients are first grounded and then fermented to prepare deliciously crisp dosa.


Ragi Laddoo


This is a quick and tasty recipe made with a combination of ragi, ghee, and jaggery. You can easily refrigerate these laddoos during a hot or humid climate. In a cool climate, simply keep them at room temperature for a week.


Ragi Halwa


A sweet and sumptuous dessert, ragi halwa is made with a combination of ghee, sugar, ragi flour, cardamom powder, and milk. It is a great choice for kids and toddlers.


Storage Option


Simply store ragi flour in a cool and dry place. Always go for an airtight container. It will promise freshness for a long time.

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