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Miraculous Moringa Have You Tried It Yet?

Miraculous Moringa – Have You Tried It Yet?

Popularly known as drumstick tree, moringa is one of those rare species of which every part can be put to good use. From its bark, roots, sap, leaves, seeds and even flowers all are consumed in some form or the other. Devoured mostly in southern India, many moringa recipes are finding its way in the Northern kitchens too. These days, different forms of moringa (powder, capsules) are being extensively preferred in US and other western regions as well.

Moringa has exceptional medicinal qualities which will give you abundant reasons to try this –

Health Benefits –

·  No Inflammation

Inflammation occurs in our bodies when chemicals are released to combat germs, impaired cells or any other external materials. Inflammation for an extended time are not just painful, but can cause permanent effect to vital organs like the heart, or the brain. A natural anti-inflammatory source, Moringa minimizes inflammation by inhibiting inflammatory enzymes in the body.

·  An Antiseptic

Moringa has antiseptic properties and combats various bacterial infections. They are even advantageous in healing wounds, bruises, minor cuts and even burns easily by minimizing the clotting time. 

·  Reduced Blood Sugar Level

Rise in the blood sugar levels are a major health concern today. Moringa supports in reducing blood sugar levels. Blood sugar levels play a major role in the likes of diabetes and heart diseases. However, moringa has put its use since many years in treating and balancing blood sugar levels. Many significant studies have backed up the significant benefit of moringa in diabetics and reducing high blood sugar levels.

·  Shields the Liver

Moringa has essential characteristics which shields the liver against damage as a result of anti-tubercular drugs. It ensures to speed up the recovery process.

·  Healthy Stomach

For both common and severe stomach disorders like ulcer problems, constipation, and even gastritis moringa extracts are known to provide relief. Moringa has antibiotic and antibacterial attribute which help in restricting the development of several pathogens, also its high vitamin B content is beneficial with digestion as well.

·  Favorable for Nervous System

Against severe nervous disorders, the usage of moringa has reflected positive outcomes. They assist in brain health and function as neuro-enhancers. The large concentration of vitamins E and C fights neural degeneration and aids in boosting the brain function. Individuals suffering from intense headaches or migraine should consume moringa leaves daily. They are also beneficial in stabilizing the mood.

Now that we are aware of some of the many health benefits of moringa, let’s take a look at some of the moringa recipes which you can easily try for your friends and family members. You can also order some via free home grocery delivery today –

1. Thoran

Clean the leaves thoroughly and chop them finely. Put them to a sizzling tempering of curry leaves, chilies, mustard seeds, shallots. For an authentic taste, use edible coconut oil. Cook till some time with the lid on. Add salt and some fresh grated coconut. It tastes extremely delicious with a combination of steamed rice and dal of choice.

2. Moringa Tea

For tea lovers, this is a healthier and a different variant to try. You can use both fresh or dried leaves in powder form and brew it in hot water.

3. Moringa Podi

Add a healthier twist to your molaga podi or also called gun powder. Clean and dry the moringa leaves. Then dry roast them until crisp. Mix it with other necessary ingredients for podi and add more power to your food. You can consume this podi with steamed rice, ghee and for more authentic taste with dosas, idlis or even uthappams.

4. Paratha

Knead wheat flour, spices, and finely chopped moringa leaves and make a good dough. Parathas are a popular item in India. While methi (fenugreek leaves) and spinach based parathas are being preferred too. Moringa paratha should be no less of an exception. Eat it with some curd and pickle.

So next time when you are ordering groceries online, make sure to add moringa to your list for enhanced well-being of you and your loved ones.

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