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Very Gooseberry Meet the Indian Superfood

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Indian gooseberry or also known Amla has eight times more vitamin C to an orange, double the antioxidant vigor of acai berry, and higher than 17 times of pomegranate! This underrated fruit is truly a rich superfood that hasn’t hit the Instagram benchmark just yet.

Still wondering what are its real superpowers are?

From good immunity to stable gut health, lustrous hair and supple skin – Indian Gooseberry has something amazing to offer to all your body parts. The high levels of vitamin C in amla are known to combat signs of aging, shield against cancer and strengthen your body against harmful diseases around us. Furthermore, a significant study even revealed that the Indian Gooseberry keeps inflammation at bay and prevent the formation of blood clots.

Now that you know about its amazing health benefits, let’s take a look at how you can utilize this superfood for your hair concerns –

Amla juice

Consuming amla juice regularly is effective in boosting the development of hair. Daily consumption gives immunity, boosts the hair follicles and intensifies the quantity of the hair. It is a great agent in removing dandruff. Having a glass of diluted amla juice in the morning works as a great immunity tonic for your entire body. For faster results, you can try some concentrated juice in shot glasses, or if the taste makes you icky, you can add some honey and ginger. This will also make your drink healthier.

Since it can be eaten, find out some healthy and interesting ways you can try in the kitchen to devour this superfood. Search for Indian grocery delivery in Toronto today –

Amla candy

These sweet and savory treats are a healthy take on the ‘sugary candies’ the kids are hooked on. These are extremely simple to make. Boil amlas and deseed them. At room temperature, immerse them in jaggery or honey syrup. Keep them soaked overnight, then sundry them for a couple of days, till the moisture evaporates. On wintery days, you can microwave them too for moisture removal. You can also sprinkle some black salt for a punchier taste. These are ideal snacks and don’t have to think twice before sucking on these healthy treats.

Amla chutney

Chutneys are no longer confined to just the Indian kitchen and widely prepared in different styles. Amla chutney is a perfect side dish of ensuring to get all the goodness of this superfood. If you have a large family, you can easily prepare it in bulk and store it in a jar to savor some with your meals. Simply add raw deseeded amlas, coriander leaves, green chilies, ginger garlic, onion, some salt. To enhance the flavor of the chutney, add a spoon of sugar or honey.

Amla pickle

You might be thinking that ‘pickle’ isn’t the best for your nutrition, especially on a daily basis. Although, you’d be surprised to know that you can safely eat one to two spoon full of amla pickle on a regular basis. Simply boil gooseberry and then deseed them. In a pan, dry roast some mustard, fenugreek and fennel seeds and make a coarse powder. Then in a heated pan, add at least ½ a cup of mustard oil, and sauté this spice mix along with deseeded boiled amla pieces. Empty the contents in a glass jar and store it for a couple of days before serving.

Amla & salt

One of the simplest methods to eat amla is to cut it pieces and consume it raw. To equalize its sourness, add some black salt on it. If you prefer it spicy, a dash of red chili powder will suffice. Another way to consume it is to boil it with some turmeric powder and salt and to eat it at room temperature.

Being a seasonal fruit and it’s availability isn’t easy to get all year round. However, you can always find it at an authentic Indian grocery store online and reap its advantages whenever you want to!

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