Most Essential Health Benefits of Urad Daal

Most Essential Health Benefits of Urad Daal

Most Essential Health Benefits of Urad Daal

Urad dal or the Split Black Gram is a staple in South Asia, mainly used in Indian food. Urad dal is full of protein, fat, vitamin B, and has various health benefits. It is a perfect dal for pregnant women as it consists of calcium, potassium, iron, folic acid, etc. It is a tasty lentil that is used in preparing dosa, vada, and papad. Moreover, it is highly nutritious and is used as an ingredient in Ayurvedic medicines. It is a rich source of nutrition and helps in boosting immunity and energy. 


The dal is good for diabetic patients as it enhances insulin flow and sensitivity. Let us go through some major health benefits of Urad dal to understand its importance and significance in the diet. 


1 – Improves digestion


The rich fiber in urad dal helps in improving the digestion in the human body by bulking up the stool and spurring the peristaltic motion. The dal is perfect for people who frequently suffer from constipation, cramps, or diarrhea. I t also helps in fixing piles and other intestine disorders. Experts call urad dal a liver energizer as it enhances liver function. 


2 – Protects Heart


Urad dal improves heart function as it contains components such as fiber, potassium, and magnesium. The dal maintains cholesterol and prevents atherosclerosis. The enriched potassium enhances blood circulation and inhibits damage to the arterial walls. 


3- Good source of energy


Urad dal is high in iron, which increases the energy level and stamina of the human body. Iron is responsible for producing the RBCs ( red blood cells) that carry oxygen to different organs of the body. The dal is heavily recommended to pregnant women as they have a deficiency of iron during their pregnancy. 


4 – Repairs Bone 


The urad dal consists of vital minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. These minerals are essential for the bones as they improve the bone mineral density. Regular consumption of urad dal will help you in preventing bone problems and will restore bone health. 


5 – Manage Diabetes


Diet plays an important role, especially in diabetic patients. The rich fiber in urad dal offers various nutrition that are ingested by the digestive region. Moreover, the fibers control and regulate the glucose and sugar levels. Concluding, the dal is best for people suffering from high diabetes. 


6 – Good for Skin And Hair


The rich minerals and vitamins present in the urad dal prevent skin irritation and rashes. It removes marks and spots and oxidizes the blood that gives you glare skin. The dal can help you in reducing the sunburns and tans. Furthermore, Urad dal is a good source for your hair. The rich fatty acids and minerals repair the damaged and brittle hair.


You might be unaware of these health benefits, but we hope you will surely add urad dal to your grocery list next time. Buy groceries online in Canada from Goodie Grocer at best prices. Now let us have a look at some of the dishes of urad dal.


1 – Urad dal ladoo 


The tasty easy to make urad dal laddoos are made from sugar and ghee. They are rich in protein and are stuffed with nutty-roasted urad dal. They taste different from besan or atta ladoo and can survive for weeks if store in a refrigerator. 


2 – Urad dal dosa 


The tasty urad dal dosa is easy to make and requires no fermentation. The dosa goes well with sambhar or coconut chutney. People in India often eat the urad dal dosa with common potato sabzi.


3 – Urad Dal Ki Poori


Also known as Bedmi poori, the poori is quite famous in the North part of India. The poori is stuffed with spicy mashed urad dal, and people love to have it with aalo ki sabzi.


4 – Black Urad Dal


The black urad dal is cooked with onion and tomato paste with spices such as cinnamon, bay leaf, black peppercorns, and cloves. Enjoy the delicious and taste dal with rice or chapati, or you can also have the bowl alone as a soup. 


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