Mango Pulp- Multiple Ways to Try It!

Mango Pulp- Multiple Ways to Try It!

When summer comes every year, it brings several blessings with it. The most popular fruit called mango is produced in this season. Growth of mango is rapidly increased during June and July. People enjoy mangoes in several deserts. Mango season lasts for two to three months. It is considered as the king of fruits due to its benefits and yummy taste.


Mango doesn’t have just two or three varieties. It has several types with unique tastes. Some of its types include Kesar, dasheri, Badami, Neelam, totapuri, chaunsa, hapus, safeda. People enjoy different types of mangoes.


The most popular and demanded mango is hapus also called as Alphonso. People love to eat hapus mango due to its unique characteristics. It is juicy and delicious. Although it is the most expensive type of mango yet it is sold quickly in the country. In India, they are grown in Gujrat, Maharashtra and Konkan belt area. At Goodie Grocer – a leading online Indian grocery store in Canada can provide you the best grocery deal.

Mango  recipes

Using mango one can make several deserts and dishes. Mango drinks are very popular in summer because of climate demand. Most popular mango recipes include:

· Mango muffins/cake

· Mango kulfi

· Mango ice-cream

· Aamras recipe

· Mango chutney

· Mango shake

· Mango pudding

Every summer, people enjoy these mango recipes and store mango pulp to utilize it during winter seasons.

· Mango kulfi

Mango kulfi is prepared from milk and mango pulp with an aroma of cardamom. It is an Indian ice-cream with sprinkled nuts and coconut powder. People love to eat mango multi during summer seasons.

Calories: it has 218 calories.

· Mango ice-cream

Mango ice-cream is popular throughout the world. It is prepared with mango  pulp, condensed milk, cream and sugar. You can prepare it at home. It just needs a beater. Beat the condensed milk and cream and then add sugar and mango pulp. Beat the mixture again. Now keep it in the freezer for 5 hours. Serve it cool.

Calories: one serving of mango ice-cream has 252 calories.

· Aamras recipe

Aamras is prepared with mango  pulp, ghee and sugar (up to taste). You can also add saffron and cardamom. Refrigerate it. People serve it with tortilla or pori. Aamras is the famous dessert served through India.

· Mango mastani

Mango mastani is a milkshake popular throughout India. It is made up of milk, cream and mango pulp.  This recipe is easy as well as the most delicious dessert made in summers. It is topped with vanilla ice-cream and nuts are sprinkled to make it tastier.

Calories: A regular glass has up to 250 calories

·  Mango muffins

Muffins are the most demanded desert in various counties. In summer, people enjoy mango muffins. Mango muffin has a recipe similar to a simple muffin but with an addition of mango pulp. It is tasty and delicious recipe loved by kids and grown-ups equally.

Calories:  150 calories in one serving

· Mango pudding

It is smooth and soft desert prepared with several flavours. Thai mango pudding is the most popular recipe and made with coconut milk. The mango pudding has the delicious taste of both mangoes and coconut with an aroma of cardamom. It is served as a dessert after meals.

· Mango Cheesecake

Cheesecakes are loved by everyone. It is the real treat for the people who love mangoes. It is most commonly made in summer season when mangoes are in. Its recipe is similar to other cheesecakes with the flavour of mango pulp.

· Mango lassi

Lassi is the most demanded yoghurt drink in Indian families during summers. People love it due to its unique and famous for quenching the thirst. Moreover, it is helpful for people facing more sweat issues. It is a blend of yogurt, mango pulp, sugar and cardamom seeds. It is served with ice.

Calories: A regular glass has 250 calories.


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