Know the Essential Usage of Rice Flour

Know the Essential Usage of Rice Flour

Know the Essential Usage of Rice Flour

Rice flour is used in several dishes. There is a great difference between all-purpose flour and rice flour. The usage of rice flour varies from other flour types. Rice flour is used to prepare major dishes such as rice noodles and pancakes. Moreover, people use rice flour as a substitute for white flour in baking bakery items.

How rice flour is prepared?

Preparing rice flour at home is not a big challenge. People usually prepare rice flour at home for daily usage. It is not a complex recipe. You will be amazed to know that rice flour is just ground rice. All you need is a grinder. Your grinder should grind the rice properly. Take 1-2 cup of rice and grind it with the help of a grinder. You can use this rice flour for several purposes. People who love baking use it for gluten-free baking.

Usage of rice flour

Usage of rice flour demands special techniques. You might hope that you can buy rice flour and replace the white flour with it for baking purpose. Facts are quite different. You cannot use rice flour the same way you use rice flour.

All flour includes several ingredients but majorly it consists of protein, starch and carbohydrates. For structural development of bakery items including pancakes, rice flour is used instead of gluten baked goods. Hence, gluten-free baked products are prepared from rice flour. It is widely used to condense dressings or as a covering for foods. These methods rely on the various characteristics of flour.

Types of rice flour

All kinds of rice flour including brown rice flour, sweet rice flour and white rice flour are all generally utilized in gluten-free baking. Various types of rice flours have distinct characteristics. Here are the qualities of white rice flour and brown rice flour.

White rice flour


  • It has no flavour
  • White rice flour is popular for its smooth composition
  • Everyone can use if because of it’s affordable rates
  • You can find it any grocery shop.
  • It can be used up to years.

Brown rice flour


  • It has a normal taste.
  • Browne appearance gives brown texture to bakery items.
  • Shorter life span. Hence, store it in the fridge.
  • It has a high-fat quantity.

Milling process of rice grains

Rice flour quality depends on the milling process. It affects the composition of the flour. Moreover, different brands provide different qualities. The quality of rice flour depends upon the milling process of all the brands. Finely ground rice flours are chosen by buyers.  Hence, milling plays a major role in the selection of rice flour.

Why should you choose rice flour in baking?

The best property of rice flour is that it doesn’t absorb liquid and fat like wheat flour. This results in cookies to spread and cakes/muffins to be idealistic or greasy according to baker’s choice. After making dough, let it rest for half an hour for better fluffy baked products. On the other hand, rice flour bought from store blends and the bulk of gluten-free baked goods are prepared with help of rice flour. Hence,  rice flour acts as gluten-free baking flour and considered as different from others. You can mix two gluten-free rice flours to get the best-baked products.


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