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Basmati The Royalty Rice: Have You Tried It Yet?

Basmati – The Royalty Rice: Have You Tried It Yet?

Generally, rice is considered to be not too ideal, in terms of health. Although in Asia, rice is consumed daily and most people don’t experience health concerns related to it. Wondering why? Well, it’s the variety of rice that makes the difference.

Rooted in India, Basmati rice (both brown and white) is a widely produced and consumed species of rice. It has gained immense popularity owing to its unique amora and tempting taste. It is a healthier alternative to other species of rice, as it has good nutritional worth. This variety has adequate vitamins, minerals, fiber, carbohydrates, protein, and minimum fat.

Let’s get to know some amazing health benefits of Basmati rice, before going through some delectable basmati dishes –

Significant health benefits

Reduces Risk of Cancer

Basmati rice has more fiber compared to any other variety of rice. It speeds up digestion and lower further risk or exposure to cancer causing substances.

Balanced Blood Pressure

People with high blood pressure or hypertension should consume brown basmati rice for lowering it. With a good amount of essential minerals which aid in minimizing blood pressure if eaten regularly.

Healthy Heart

Basmati rice has essentially lesser saturated fats, compared to other types of rice. Additionally, unsaturated fats protect against blood clotting and heart diseases.

Avoid Diabetes

Diabetics are well aware to not eat rice, at least in large amounts. However consuming small portions of basmati rice is completely safe for diabetics.

Weight Loss

Basmati rice has certain component which helps in being fuller and not feeling hungry. Also, the body it takes longer for the body to digest basmati rice.

Check out these amazing recipes that you can prepare with simple ingredients in your kitchen. If you’re missing some, order from an authentic online Indian grocery store today –

Lemon Rice

It’s pretty simple to make and is ideal for a lunch or meal. It is a classic twist to the vegetable pulao. Lemon rice is a popular South Indian dish. Sizzled with mustard seeds, curry leaves and roasted peanuts, freshly squeezed lemon juice packs in all the flavors.

Matar Pulao

Matar Pulao (Peas Pulao) is an easy, satisfying, one-pot, flavorful rice dish which is nutrient-rich and curbs hunger pangs. Use fresh or frozen green peas, basmati rice, and choicest spices. Serve it with any Indian curry, lentils or raita.

Bisibele Bath

Bisibele bath, or hot lentil rice, is an aromatic and spicy dish originally from Karnataka, a southern Indian state. Parboiled basmati rice and lentils are mixed with clarified butter, tamarind, curry leaves, and veggies like onions, beans, carrots and peas. This is an extremely homely dish and will give you a warm satiating feeling after.


Biryani can be prepared in a variety of styles, based on an individual’s palate preference. A global culinary recipe, authentic biryani requires both time and practice for that bite of perfection. Basmati rice is considered the most ideal for biryani recipes. You can prepare it with eggs, meat, veggies or even paneer.

There are many advantages to switching your rice to basmati if you already don’t. Moreover, not any it is healthy, its flavor and aroma can turn any recipe delicious. If you are concerned about authenticity and want organic produce, search for an online Indian grocery store in Toronto. It’ll aid you in providing a smooth hassle-free experience, so that you prepare your favorite recipes, just the way you like them, in your kitchen itself.

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