6 Different Types of Indian Pickles

6 Different Types of Indian Pickles

6 Different Types of Indian Pickles

Achars or pickles have been in usage as a relish in Indian cuisine for years. Pickles are prepared with a blend of oils, fenugreek seeds or vinegar. There are sweet and sour flavours in pickles. People love eating crunchy pickles as a seasoning especially during winters. Pickles was a way to store vegetables and fruits in previous centuries. But now people use pickles as a side dish during meals. If you want to order pickles online, you can get in touch with the best online Indian grocery store.


Pickles are popular not only due to their taste but also a lot of health benefits. Pickles are prepared from several fruits and vegetables. Moreover, no heat is required in the formation of pickles and all ingredients are fermented. It helps to preserve the fruits and vegetables during various seasons. Pickles can be prepared at home and available at grocery stores as well.


There are numerous types of Indian pickles but most used and loved pickles are the following:

          1. Mango pickle

· The most mouth-watering and demanded pickle in Indian families is mango pickle. It is prepared with kalonji seeds, achar masala, turmeric, spices, salt, raw green mango and oil

· It is used by Indian families with boiled rice and daal. People blend it with curry and other cuisines as well. Indian families utilize it as an alternative for curry as well.

· Mango is the most favourite fruit and mostly utilized for making pickles. It improves the dish’s taste when blended with it. Raw mango pickles are highly beneficial. They are enriched with citric acid. Citric acid helps to preserve the pickle, reduces acidity, kills bacteria and reduces the risk of infections. Moreover, it helps in digestion and boosts immunity. People who are struggling to lose weight should add mango pickle in their diet. It is good for people suffering from liver and heart issues.

2. Carrot pickle

· Carrot pickle is an amazing side-dish prepared in winters to preserve carrots. It lasts longer if you place it in the refrigerator. Pickled carrots are prepared with minced garlic, olive oil, spices, salt, black seeds, onion powder, mustard powder and carrots slices.

· Carrot pick is a side-dish utilized with numerous dishes including boiled rice, curry, salad, veggies and tortilla. People also use it as an appetizer.

· Carrot pickle is tangy and sour.

· Carrots are filled with beta-carotene; it helps to improve low-light vision. They are a good source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

3. Green chilli pickle

· Green Chilli is a popular condiment for all Indian household. Indian people love spicy food and green chilli pickle is the spiciest and delicious pickle among all.

· Green chillies pickle are used by people because it has properties like fat-free nature, zero calories, enriched with minerals, vitamin C and A. Vitamin C is best for skin and hair issues.

· Green chilli pickle is prepared with salts and spices, mustard seeds, black seeds, oil and green chilli slices. Other flavourful seasonings are also added to improve the pickle taste and preserve it for a good duration. Like other pickles, its taste is tangy and spicy. The aroma of green chilli pickle is enough to increase your appetite.

4. Garlic pickle

· Without garlic, a curry tastes average. Garlic is an important ingredient used in several cuisines. People also use garlic pickle due to several advantages. Garlic pickle is a relish served with cuisines. It is also sour and flavoursome.

· It is prepared with garlic slices, oil, black seeds, mustard seeds, spices and a pinch of salt. It is the most common pickle used in Northern India.

· With endless benefits, garlic pickle is used throughout India as a relish. From improving the immunity of the body to the reduction of severe diseases, it is used as a medicine by several people. It reduces hypertension and cholesterol level in the body. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic properties.

5. Lemon pickle

· If you love eating tangy foods, this is the best pickle for you. Lemons are tangy naturally and fermentation makes it more Ranger and yummy. It is used in salads, eaten with tortilla and served with cuisines. Indian people love to eat this pickle in their breakfast.

· Lemon pickle is prepared from lemon slices, black seeds, mustard oil, spices, salts and flavours.

· Lemon is enriched with vitamin C. This vitamin C rich pickle helps to finish dehydration, improves skin and hair. It is good for heart patients. People who are worried about obesity must also lemon pickle in their diet.

6.  Gooseberry pickle

· Gooseberry is known as Amla  in Hindi. Gooseberry pickle is prepared with freshly removed gooseberries. It is less known as compared to other pickles. This pickle is commonly used in North Indian region. People in India serve it with tortilla, curry, rice and other cuisines.

· Gooseberry is enriched with healthy nutrients including vitamin C, vitamin B5 and B6, fibres and minerals. It improves hair growth, improves immunity and solves digestive issues.


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